'Loki' Ep. 1 Recap: What Is This Place? | ET Canada Nerd Alert

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"Loki" has made his triumphant return to the MCU with the latest Disney+ series and in the first episode, fans and the God of Mischief are introduced to the Time Variance Authority. Carlos Bustamante breaks down what the TVA is and how the comics allude to the possibility of a Kang The Conquerer appearance sometime soon in the Marvel multiverse.

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  • Are we supposed to think that the Infinity saga involved no free will then? And that the infinity stones don't really matter, as there's a much more powerful entity we're dealing with? Bah, not sure I like that

    Luna CLuna C7 օր առաջ
  • My theory is that variants they're looking for is this version of loki but, from the future because he find out the TVA is not as bene violent or even neutral as they claim to be, and tries to destroy, also you're absolutely rights if they were trying to keep the ' saved time-line "as it is they would erase lokis memories, and put him back where he grabbed the tesseract.by not doing that they are definitely affected the future. Either that or he was meant to use the tesseract in which he did not vanish it.

    Nicholas GarrickNicholas Garrick8 օր առաջ
  • First one

    Samy PlusSamy Plus8 օր առաջ